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Tech21 Evo FlexShock Wallet Case for iPhone 8/7 - Black

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Tech21 Evo FlexShock Wallet Case for iPhone 8/7 - Black
Part Number: T21-5338-UD
Availability: Condition: Used
Feature: 114
The Tech21 Evo Wallet for the iPhone 7 features a flip-open screen cover with an interior credit card slot, soft microfiber lining, and advanced impact protection featuring FlexShock,™ a unique hybrid and super-efficient impact protection material. Its flexibility offers an injection-moldable material that can fit any shape device. It provides the ability to create ultra-thin, lightweight cases that complement the natural beauty of the mobile device to which they are applied.

Impactology by Tech 21 is a commitment to deliver ultimate impact protection for your device. Using scientifically proven materials combined with amazing design, the Evo Wallet is useful and looks great while protecting your phone.

More about Impactology™ Handheld devices come with us everywhere we go. Accidents such as drops, bumps and scrapes are bound to happen. When you select a Tech21 case for your device, you can be sure it's been through the Impactology tests and will survive almost any incident life may hand out.

Impactology is synonymous with intelligent impact protection for mobile devices. Tech21 was the first brand to use scientifically proven impact-absorbing materials in their cases. This heralded a revolution in mobile device protection.

Tech21 cases have been carefully crafted to absorb and dissipate impact force, keeping your device in pristine condition throughout its life.

More about FlexShock™ A cutting-edge hybrid material with multiple stages of impact protection, FlexShock absorbs and repels the energy of impact. Any remaining energy is dissipated through its molecular structure, away from the point of impact. The flexibility of FlexShock allows Tech21 to create geometric structures, like honeycombs, that enhance its overall protective capabilities. Its ultra-efficient energy absorption means the cases are slim and can complement the design of any device.

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