1. The Blooming Jungle Plant Saucer - 5 Pack of 12 Inch

The Blooming Jungle Plant Saucer - 5 Pack of 12 Inch

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Size:12" inch Do you ever find soil mess and water spills after watering your houseplants?Catch any excess drainage with these plastic trays which sit under the base of your potted plant container. Save time cleaning up and know that your floor is protected from water damage if you happen to overwater.The effective design of our plant plate elevates your plant pot, allowing it to sit above the water level if needed. This helps prevent against damaging root rot. So you can relax knowing that your plants will remain healthy and happy using our product.You can also use our clear plastic saucers to increase humidity for indoor houseplants. Simply, place a layer of decorative pebbles or stones in the tray, add water until the pebbles are not quite covered and place your plant on top. Moisture in the air around the plant will increase as the water in the tray evaporates.We've developed a plastic plant tray that is sturdy and won't break under pressure from heavy planters or exposure to the elements.We back ourselves and the quality of our products. If you and your plants aren't pleased with our drainage trays, we'll offer 100% money back guarantee for purchases made within last 30 days.Product dimensions:Top Width - 12 inches (30.5cm)Base Width - 10.4 inches (26.5cm)Height - 1.8 inches (4.7cm)To ensure our product fits your plant pot, measure the diameter of your plant pot base. If it is 10.4 inches or smaller in diameter, these Blooming Jungle pot saucers will fit fine.Try for yourself today and add to your cart now.