1. The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit by Earthing to Improve Sleep, Inflammation, and Anxiety

The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit by Earthing to Improve Sleep, Inflammation, and Anxiety

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Throughout history, humans have walked, slept, and lived on the ground - with our skin touching the earth. This contact helped transfer the earth?s natural negative charge into the body, helping us stay grounded. However, fast-paced modern lifestyles have disconnected us from the earth. Today, we don?t walk around barefoot or even spend much time outdoors. Grounding yourself today may involve physically touching the earth for at least 30 minutes per day; however, we often don?t have that kind of time to stay connected with the earth due to busy schedules and pressing responsibilities. Earthing has provided an alternative through our Universal Grounding Mats. These mats can be used on the floor, under your desk, as a mouse pad, on top of a table, or anywhere that can come in contact with your bare skin. Grounding and reconnecting with the earth can provide surprising health benefits, like reducing inflammation, stress, and pain along with improving sleep, mood, and energy. The grounding mat is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. The thin black conductive layer on the top of the mat is made of vinyl-free polyurethane resin that is infused with carbon pigment. This carbon pigment is naturally flame-resistant for additional safety. The bottom layer of the mat is non-conductive. It?s made from thermoplastic elastomer closed-cell foam, which is latex- and PVC-free. In this kit, you?ll get everything you need to get grounded. The kit includes 1 conductive Earthing Universal Mat (12.5? x 29?), 1 Coil Cord (15?), 1 U.S. Safety Adapter, 1 Outlet Checker, and 1 User?s Guide. To add to your experience, we?ve also included free copies of our Earthing book and The Earthing Movie documentary DVD. (If you live outside of the U.S. you may need to order outlet adapters.) Order your kit today to use at home, at work, or while traveling. Reconnect with the earth and restore that timeless link between humans and nature. Note: This product does not use electricity.