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Things You Can Do With Two-Way Radios

Posted by Sam Weiss on 12/19/2013
Two-way radios are affordably indispensable and a set should belong in every home!  Yes, you have a cell phone which you can easily call anyone you like, however  with two-way radios, you appropriate upfront, one other person with whom you wish to expressly communicate, and all ensuing conversation will be between the two of you, by just pressing one button.  There are many ways you can enjoy the use of two-way radios beyond what you would get from a standard cell phone.  
For starters, if you ever find you’re somewhere without cell phone coverage, your two-way radios will come in handy if you need to communicate with a partner...say you’re camping in the wild, and someone(s) want to go on a hike, while the other one(s) prefer to hang around the campsite.  The trekkers can take one radio, and one can remain at the site.  You’ll be able to continue the conversation, and if anyone has a need, you can communicate easily with your two-way radio!
Let’s say you go with a friend to the mall.  And there’s no cell phone reception that works right there.  You grab your two-ways, give her one and you take other.  You can split up without losing contact, and the clarity will be better than if you had to rely on your cell phone.  
Give one to your nine year old son (who does not yet have his own cell phone) to take with him while playing down the street.  You will be able to tell him when it’s time to come home, and he will be able to get you when he wants to ask if he can stay there a little longer, for dinner.
Try taking them with you when you go to a large restaurant on a busy night.  Once you’re seated, you take one radio for yourself and give your waiter the other one, telling him it will be your method of communicating with him for the evening.  If he’s worth a tip, he’ll play along, buzzing you when you’re salads are coming, you buzzing him when you need refills.

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