1. Tobisho Pruning Shears SR-1 200mm Bonsai

Tobisho Pruning Shears SR-1 200mm Bonsai

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Promotion Council Awards ¦ Hezuka Plant Yamagata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. History of Yamagata Knife is old, the first extension of the Muromachi period (1356 years) Yoshinori Inouba When he entered Yamagata, a forge village was formed by the forged masters of the wearers, and it was supposed that the manufacture of arms and farm tools was started. From now on, the main owner has been involved in venerable blade making since the founding of the first year of culture about two decades ago, and as a result of the current pruning shears, it has tradition of 80 years It is counted as the third generation and reached today. This traditional forging, gems produced from handmade, does not allow other follow-ups in sharpness and its sustainability, and has gained popularity from many users. In addition, its high quality has been proved scientifically (developed by Yamagata Industrial Technology Center, measurement by Sharpness Tester KC-4 made by Measurement Institute, hardness, quenched structure, cutting edge angle and its roughness ... · Etc) I am convinced that you can use it for years without worry.