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Toys As A Training Tool

Posted by Unlimited Cellular on 7/13/2014

We love our phones and tablets, and we love our children, but that love could lead toward sadness if your child destroys a beloved piece of technology. Kids typically want to play around with what we use because they want to understand what the appeal is, but the other reason is that bright colors and sounds are very pleasing for a child. In this day and age we should begin to teach our children proper technology etiquette as early as we can so they know how to handle these devices.

Toys have always been a training tool for how our society works and to teach a kid how to handle the world around themselves. By giving a kid a toy version of your phone you are going to accomplish two things:

1. Your phone won't be thrown, beaten upon, or abused as the kid will have their own to play around with in this manner.

2. You can teach you kid to not throw a phone around in the manner like step 1.

Toy cell phones are no different than the toy telephone we had as kids. Our parents gave those to us in order to teach us how to use the phone, but also we mimicked our parents behavior when they used the real one. These are great for kids because they can understand the importance of the device and how they should handle it. This will pay off when they misbehave and break the thing in a fit and you can tell them why it was bad they did what they did. Explaining why it was wrong and making sure they understand what they did is wrong is the first step toward your child understanding how not to be a jerk.


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