1. Unique Septic System Digester ? 16 Monthly Treatments? Helps Prevent Sewage Back-Ups, Clogs, Odors ? Safe for Household Use, 128oz (1 gallon)

Unique Septic System Digester ? 16 Monthly Treatments? Helps Prevent Sewage Back-Ups, Clogs, Odors ? Safe for Household Use, 128oz (1 gallon)

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Commonly Asked QuestionsDo I need to use a treatment? Aren't septic systems supposed to work naturally, without additives? We're so glad you asked! Many people have been told that monthly septic treatments are worthless because septic systems are designed to work without special additives.And it's true? If you use your septic system the way it was designed to be used. That means:+ Never overusing your system (this happens often when you have guests over for special events!)+ Never putting any solids down your drains (that means no use of a garbage disposal, ever!)+ Never using anti-bacterial soap or even natural cleaners like Tea Tree Oil+ Never using ANY chemical cleaners in your toilet, sink, tub, or shower like bleach, sanitizers, or disinfectants+ Never allowing grease down your drains (grease isn't just from bacon! It's soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, grease that comes off your dishes while washing, etc.)So it's true, those who are telling you that you shouldn't regularly treat your system with an additive are absolutely correct if they are living a completely septic-sound lifestyle - but let's be honest, most of us don't follow such strict guidelines. For only a few dollars a month you can stop worrying about your septic system by treating it with Septic System Digester. Of course, we don't recommend you mistreat your septic system. You certainly should be aware of its limitations and be considerate of the sensitive system that it is, but simply put, most of us don't use our septic systems as they were intended to be used.What makes Septic System Digester better than any other product? Now that you realize you need to treat your system with an additive it's important that you use high quality products that actually get the job done. So, what make a good product? Septic System Digester is your premier treatment products for several reasons:+ It contains the highest concentrations of active bacteria spores + We use the RIGHT bacteria strains - many products use ineffective strains of bacteria that are not specifically formulated for septic systems + We spare no expense in making Septic System Digester - that means no cutting of corners with cheap ingredients. Only the best is allowed to be included in Septic System Digester + Our liquid formula not only makes it convenient to use but also ensures the quickest release of colony forming bacteria and enzymes + No mess! Tired of dealing with messy powder formulas that get all over your toilet bowl? We get it! It's frustrating. Just pour our clean and easy liquid formula once per month into your toilet bowl to ensure a properly functioning septic system.Don't pour money down the drain with over-priced, under-powered products like most of the leading brands. Oh, and be careful of the cheap products too! With cheap treatments you get what you pay for. Cheap products use cheap bacteria that often aren't specifically formulated for septic systems and their bacteria counts are extremely low. So low, in fact, that you're likely doing very little to increase your waste breakdown when you treat your system with them. You are literally pouring money down the drain!Where is it made? All of the ingredients and packaging are made and assembled in America! Not only does this support American jobs but it also ensures the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship go into every you buy.Is Septic System Digester going to work? You bet it is! Better than any other product on the market! But, if for any reason you aren't totally happy with the product we will make it right with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.Is Septic System Digester dangerous? Nope! Septic System Digester contains no ingredients that are dangerous to people, pets, plants, or plumbing! Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise common sense caution when handling the product. Wash your hands after using and don't contaminate food surfaces with Septic System Diges