1. ?Upgarde? TenHutt 7.0Ah 12V Replacement Battery for Dewalt 12V MAX Cordless Power Tool DCB120 DCB123 DCB124 DCB127 Lithium-ion Battery

?Upgarde? TenHutt 7.0Ah 12V Replacement Battery for Dewalt 12V MAX Cordless Power Tool DCB120 DCB123 DCB124 DCB127 Lithium-ion Battery

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[ TenHutt DCB120 7.0Ah 12V Replacement Battery for DEWALT 12V MAX Batteries Lithium-ion ] Why Choose Us ? [ 3 LED Battery Indicators ] Press the button to display the remaining battery. [ A-Class Li-ion Battery Cell ] 3X Longer Service Time. Provide up 55% More Power 1/2 Charging Time. [ Original Mold & No power loss ] Seamless fit with all Dewalt 12 Volt MAX Cordless Tools. Can be store, charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity. [ High and Low Temperature Adaptability ] Built-in microchip provide overcharge and overdischarge protection to extend battery life. Compatible with Dewalt 12V MAX System: (use "Ctrl+F" to search) [ For All Dewalt 12V Chargers : ] for Dewalt 12v charger DCB100; for Dewalt car charger DCB119for Dewalt 12v battery charger DCB102; for Dewalt 12v Drill charger DCB103for DCB104 Dewalt charger; for DCB107 Dewalt charger; for DCB112 Dewalt chargerfor DCB113 Dewalt charger; for DCB115 Dewalt charger; for DCB101 Dewalt charger [ 100% compatible with Dewalt 12V MAX Series Tools : ] for Dewalt Xtreme 12V MAX Cordless Drill/12V MAX Impact Driver Kit DCD701F2, DCK221F2, DCF801F2, DCD710S2, DCD701B, DCF601B, DCD710B, DCD710S1, DCK211S2for Dewalt 12V MAX Impact Wrench DCF902B, DCF813S2, DCF902F2, DCF815S2, DCF601B, DCF801F2, DCF801B, DCD701F2for Dewalt Xtreme 12V MAX Cordless Screwdriver DCF601B, DCF601F2, DCK210S2; for Dewalt DCT412B 12V Li-Ion Inspection Camerafor Dewalt 12V MAX LED Work Light DCL510, DCL077B; for Dewalt Xtreme 12V MAX Reciprocating Saw DCS312G1, CS310B, DCS310S1, DCS312Bfor Dewalt 12V MAX Line Laser DW088LR, DW089LG, DW0825LG, DW088LG, DW0822LG, DW089LR, DW0822LR, DW085LG, DW0825LR, DW085LRfor Dewalt 12V/20V MAX Portable Radio DCR028B, and etc [ Replace for Dewalt 12V Lithium-ion Battery : ] for Dewalt 12V Battery DCB120, DCB121, DCB127 ... Package Contents: 1 *Pack 7000mAh Dewalt 12 Volt Battery Replacement1 *User Manual Dewalt 12V Battery 7000mAh Dewalt 12V/20V USB Converter Dewalt 20V Battery 8000mAh Functions: Provide power. Turn the battery into a mobile power source. Provide power. Instructions: Compatible with Dewalt 12V tools or Dewalt 12V Converters. Compatible with Dewalt 12V or 20V Battery. Compatible with Dewalt 20V tools or Dewalt 20V Converters.