1. VIMOA Potted Plant Dolly with Flat Free Wheels Potted Plant Mover for Garden Potted Flower Trees

VIMOA Potted Plant Dolly with Flat Free Wheels Potted Plant Mover for Garden Potted Flower Trees

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VIMOA is a little garden grocery store from our grandpa. We moved it online and hope it still exists, like a quiet signpost, always there when we need it. We have garden twist tie, plant dolly, tree watering bags, garden decor stakes, strawberry support, grow bags, repotting mats, and so on. With a variety of garden hand tools on hand, we can care for plants from seedlings to fruiting. We believe that traditional gardening life will bring some deep joy and harvest to our life. This dolly will move the majority of flower/plant pots filled with soil and plants, both round and square. You also can use it to bring garbage bags and recycling bucket to the curb. The dolly itself is lightweight enough to lift into the car and strong to move a 7-foot tall plant in a medium-sized ceramic pot. Got all your plants moved without having to bother your neighbors. One hand wheeling. Save your back! VIMOA potted plant mover also allows you to move the pots back and forth as overnight lows required for your tropical plants. And to slowly move them out of the shade into the sun to prevent burned leaves. Perfect for Women It works great for women as well as men. This plant mover makes it possible for a 100-pound woman to move 50-pound plants. A 70-something man, you also can set the heavy plants on the dolly. Easy to Assemble You can install it in about 2-5 minutes. Easy to use, please adjust the gripping arm according to the height of the flowerpot. You need to prepare your own screwdriver and pincer. The wrench (included) is used to tighten the 2 short screws. The pincer is used to turn the 2 cotter pins to hold the bottom bracket. A good assistant in the garden This makes it simple to move plant pots into the garage when temps drop below the frost zone, or in the case of a windstorm. This dolly can assist you in moving the flowerpots, but it is only an auxiliary tool, it still needs to be used with care. Move vegetables and fruits in barrels We don't recommend it for moving grow bags. But if you want to try, you might have to use a belt of some kind to fasten the soft-sided grow bag in place so that it won't topple over. Perhaps a board at the bottom would stabilize the bag. Gift for your family Give your grandma, grandpa, and family an awesome gift for Easter Day, Christmas, birthday, or just because. VIMOA Plant Labels 120Pcs VIMOA Shrub Tags 120Pcs VIMOA Rose Trellis VIMOA Tree Watering Bag VIMOA Garden Twine VIMOA Reusable Garden Waste Bags