1. VIVOSUN 5-Pack 2 Gallon Grow Bags, Fabric Pots with Self-Adhesion Sides for Transplanting

VIVOSUN 5-Pack 2 Gallon Grow Bags, Fabric Pots with Self-Adhesion Sides for Transplanting

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Bring green to life! Compared to plastic pots, fabric grow bags flatten for easy storage during the winter months and serve as a useful tool for those who lack a permanent garden area. VIVOSUN Fabric Grow Bag for Transplanting Small containers are used for growing seedlings VIVOSUN Thickened 300g nonwoven fabric means your grow bags easily stand upright making it easy to fill the bag by yourself.The automatic air-prune feature ensures roots do not get tangled, allowing for more surface area for water and mineral absorption.Transplant the plant with complex root systems regularly according to the root depth.A grow bag that’s too small can stunt your plant’s growth by causing it to become root-bound. Allow plant roots to breathe Provide better drainage Lighter and more portable Easier to position for maximum sun exposure FEATURES 300D NONWOVEN FABRIC Breathable with great drainage SELF-ADHESION SEAM DESIGN Easy for transplanting seedlings LABELED WITH GALLON Eye-catching size on the back side makes for easy identification RECYCLE Flexible pots work well for growing VIVOSUN grow bags are great tools to pots for starting plants Grow Bag VIVOSUN 34-68oz Hand held Garden Sprayer Blank and White Grow Bag Tan Grow Bag Planter Nursery Pots ASIN B00TF9E6XE B07VT71BVC B00W386VV4 B01I1D9OOU B07QWNL67H Size 12.6"x9.84" 4.9"x5.9"x9.45" 12"x10" 4" Weight 1.2103 pounds 0.8995 pounds 1.2147 pounds 1.261 pounds 2.3303 pounds Product Features Excellent Air Circulation and Drainage Easy and Efficient Multiple Uses Space Efficiency Soft and Durable Function/Application It's great for developing strong, fibrous roots and keeping them healthy Use for plant, flower, garden and lawn care Perfect grow bags for starting seedlings,transporting or transferring plants and quick growing The softer, thicker material of the tan bags results in greater absorbency Nursery cultivation is very suitable for succulent plants and mini landscape plants