1. VIVOSUN 6-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stailess Steel Blades, Organge

VIVOSUN 6-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear with Straight Stailess Steel Blades, Organge

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Bring green to life! VIVOSUN provides you with the premium hydroponics equipment . It is our commitment to be the best indoor gardening and hydroponic store that you can trust. Professional indoor gardening and hydroponic manufacturer High quality control standard VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner Straight Stainless Steel Blades Handy size for flexible use. They are great for selective pruning of plants .An experienced gardener have found for cleaning off the plant "sap" that accumulates on blade tips, soaking them for a few minutes in a little shot type glass with about an inch of olive oil in it then wiping them off on paper towels works very well rather than scraping with a blade or using alcohol. Watch your fingers! They are still going strong after a long time use. Premium stainless steel precision-sharpened blades. Spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce the strain. Soft and comfortable grip avoid hand fatigue. The long narrow tip helps get in to difficult areas. Closing latch with a black switch can safely remove to keep it tight. Nice bright color so you can find them easily in your garden. Awesome addition to gardening tool set They are very sharp and they are worth what you paid for them.Trimming grass and weeds and used them to prune tomatoes, squash, beans, peas and snip a few strawberry stems .Keep it in your side pocket when you are in the garden or the greenhouse.You will also find so many uses around the house for these functinal snippers.They are great to open all those boxes we get from shopping, can cut coupons, silently snip tangled burrs from cat hair.These will become all go-to tool for all seasons and for both inside and outside your home. VIVOSUN hand pruner is ideal for trimming, shaping and other quick snips on small plants Fruit picking Potted Plant Gardening Flower Bypass Pruning Shears Curved Blade Twist Tie Roll Trellis Netting Soil Tester Grow bags Material forged carbon steel blade Stainless Steel blades PE Polyester metal probe durable, black-and-white material Function trim or deadhead plants trim or paper cut secure plants to trellis stakes or other supports helps plants cling to a smooth surface test soil moisture light and pH growing containers Dimension 8.5 in 6.5 in 164 ft 5x15/ 5x30 ft 10.8x1.8 in 1/2/3/5 gallon Scenario gardening gardening gardening or home organization gardening gardening and planting patios or small gardens, like balconies, sunrooms, or outdoor spaces