1. Varomorus Corn Beans Vegetable Metal Seeder 2-Row Manual Onion Radish Beets (2-Row)

Varomorus Corn Beans Vegetable Metal Seeder 2-Row Manual Onion Radish Beets (2-Row)

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Varomorus Corn Seeder SVK-2 SVK-2 A great choice for the large seeds planting. Varomorus One Row seeder is a perfect choice for a small gardens. It helps to keep the right distance from one seed to another thereby helps your garden to look beautiful. You can easily adjust the deep of the planting with the bunker angle. Use the 3 to 5 feet wood handle for comfortable operation. Small weight. Fully made of steel. Compact and mobile. Comes with 3 types of drums. The drums for custom drilling is available for purchase separately. Seeds bunker with a patented design is a safe place for the seeds. Where the brush meets drum. The adjustable brush protects the seeds from the crushing during the drum rolling and provides the correct amount of the seeds per one hole. The custom drums are available for sale, it can be drilled specifically for any type of seeds. Small weight, made from durable materials - will serve for years long. Fast operating time - save a bunch of time using seeder for a few rows at the time, keep your rows perfectly uniform. Highly effective seeder - we are using simple and smart technology to provide the best results for an affordable value. Varomorus SVK seeder works great with these type of seeds: Radish Seeder Perfectly organized rows with radish or similarly sized seeds you can get with the 12/3 drums. It has a diameter of 3 mm and a distance of 2" between the seeds. Carrot Seeder The best option for the carrot is 12/3 drums, it will help your carrots grow nicely and juicy. The small seeds can get blown away of the seeder in the windy day, to prevent such case, we have special bunker lids that will cover the bunker securely protecting the seeds from the wind. Beet Seeder Custom drilled 6/4 drum is perfect for beets and similarly sized seeds. The plastic drums are designed to protect any type of seeds from damaging during the planting. Use the 4 mm cutting tip to make perfect holes for needed seeds. Great Seeder for Greens Use the 12/3 drums for the lettuce, onion, and greens. Or drill the 16/3 custom drum for the dense planting. The Varomorus SVK seeder is designed for the large seeds planting: Beans Seeder The beans planting is simple now with the 6/8 drum you will get perfectly uniform rows with the plants. Corn Seeder For corn we have designed 1/9 drum, it is designed to spread one corn seed every 18 inches. The maize plants will have enough space to grow strong and productive. Peas Seeder For peas use the 6/8 drum. It provides 4 inches step between the seeds. Set the row spacing 6-8 inches for the great growing. Soybeans Seeder You can get a great harvest of soybeans with the SVK-2 seeder using the 6/8 drums. Set the row spacing between 6 and 17 inches. We are working on our products for your amazing harvest. Varomorus team is working in a continuous researching process for the best ways to grow food on a small farm or private earth gardens. Over the years, our products have earned the trust of thousands of customers around the world. We are proud of the work for healthy and organic food.