1. Varomorus Soil Sampler Probe 21" Stainless Steel Tubular T-Style Handle.

Varomorus Soil Sampler Probe 21" Stainless Steel Tubular T-Style Handle.

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Varomorus Large Soil Sampler Probe 21’’ Stainless Steel Core Sampler This is a professional lawn soil sample probe for gardens, fields, and lawn care maintenance that provides 8" core samples. It allows you to quickly gather the samples of the soil with very minimal lawn disturbance and determine a lot more information about the soils in landscaping. Varomorus 21" lawn tool soil test probe. Improve your lawn With this lawn tool, you can make the grass thicker and greener at your lawn, garden, golf course, or game fields. For a perfect lawn Fix and prevent a yellow lawn problem with the proper pH level it the soil. Grow organic The compact soil probe is an easy solution to bring your harvest to the perfection. Get the valuable information about the soil Get quick and accurate soil profile results from the lab test for the organic matter, nutrients presence, and the soil pH levels. Main features. This product made on the high-quality equipment from the durable 304 stainless steel, it will not contaminate the samples. T-handle Easy core removal. Durable stainless steel. Provides 8" long and 3/4" wide core probes. Varomorus 21" soil tube in work. How to collect good core samples: Place the probe at a 90° angle to the ground and push it to the desired depth, up to 8". Pull the probe out of the ground and turn it over to remove the sample. Collect the samples from the different points of your lot, and place each sample in the separate plastic bag. Make a note on each bag to classify the samples. Works best on soil that is not hardened or dried. Turn the sampler upside down to extract the sample. Varomorus Soil Probe 12" Varomorus Soil Probe 21" Varomorus Soil Probe 36" Total length 12" 21" 36" Size of the samples 6" 8" 12" T-handle ? ? Foot step ? Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel We are working on our products for your amazing harvest. Varomorus team is working in a continuous researching process for the best ways to grow food on a small farm or private earth gardens. Over the years, our products have earned the trust of thousands of customers around the world. We are proud of work for healthy and organic food.