1. Verizon Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS/X

Verizon Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS/X

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Verizon Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone XS/X

If you want premium protection for the screen on your iPhone XS/X, look no further than the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This display protector is made of ultra thin, scratch-resistant glass, comes with a smudge-proof coating, and is extremely easy to apply. The end result is a crystal clear view of your screen - without the hassle of bubbles or dust getting in the way.

Anti-scratch defense

The tempered, processed shield with 9H hardness (high grade glass) provides extensive resistance to scratches, including sharp objects like knives and keys. And it's laser-cut for a perfect fit.

Smooth to the touch, clear view protection

The oil-resistant treatment (oleophobic coating) and the tempered glass together create a comfortable, smooth-to-the-touch interface for your touchscreen. With these materials, a quick wipe restores your screen to sparkling clarity.

Bubble-free, simple application

Once you release the glass on your phone, the silicone adhesive does all the work. No bubbles, no fuzz! Perfectly flat and pristine every time.

Compatible With:

  • Apple iPhone XS/X