1. WX-YQ01 Regulator CGA540 Buoy Inhaler with G5/8-14 Outlet Thread and Tube

WX-YQ01 Regulator CGA540 Buoy Inhaler with G5/8-14 Outlet Thread and Tube

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Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New Material: Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plating Input pressure: <15Mpa Output pressure: 0.25Mpa Flow adjustment range: 1-10L/min Safety valve: 0.5Mpa automatic exhaust Imported thread: G5/8'' Export thread: M12x1 Operation method: 1. Add distilled water to the humidification cup. The water level in the bottle should not be higher than the water line, but it should not be lower than the water line. It is forbidden to replace with saline. 2. Before inserting the inhaler into the supply terminal socket, first turn off the flow adjustment switch, and adjust the direction of the quick plug, then insert the quick plug into the supply terminal socket hole, when you hear the "click" sound and see the oxygen supply terminal. When the locking sleeve of the socket is automatically slid, the quick plug and the supply terminal socket are connected and locked. 3. Insert the pipe into the supply joint before supply, then turn the flow adjustment switch counterclockwise to open the origin, so that the float slowly rises (the scale line aligned with the center of the float is the flow reading, the unit is liter/min) The supply can be adjusted as needed. 4. During the oxygen supply process, if the water in the inhaler bottle is lower than the water line, the flow adjustment switch should be closed in time, the humidified bottle body should be unscrewed, and distilled water should be added according to the requirements of the first paragraph of this item. Screw on the inhaler bottle and continue to supply.