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Why Radios Are Cool

Posted by Nick on 7/15/2014
If you grew up before the dawn of cell phones you more than likely used a radio to talk to people. Whether it was a hand held or a two-way install in a truck or office somewhere, you have had the joy of using a communication device that is deliberate in its use. Radios have fallen out of the good standing they once held in the world since many services use smart phones or cell phones in their place. Many people believe that they have moved into the realm of useless technology, but here is how they are better than most cell phones.

No Monthly Fee
You have purchased a bad ass radio, and once you have it setup, you don't have to pay a monthly fee to use it everyday. You can make as many calls as you need and not have to worry about going over minutes. This is a great cost cutting measure for a small business as you don't have to pay for a plan every month and instead you can use that money elsewhere.

Get Anyone Anytime
Radios do not leave messages or accept texts. This is great because you can reach anyone as long as they are wearing the radio or are using the vehicle with the radio in it. Not having the ability to take messages makes your employees a lot more accountable toward answering calls and using the equipment properly.

Have An Actual Conversation
Improve your communication skills with a radio. Since you cannot leave messages or texts you have to actually talk to people, have actual conversations, and make people call you when they have a question. You'll find that when people talk more they are happier or even more productive in their work. We live in a world of filters and taking out cell phones removes a filter; which allows people to grow closer and know one another rather than put up a barrier.

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