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Why You Need a Memory Card for Your Smartphone

Posted by Sam Weiss on 3/14/2014

When most people get a smartphone they do not think about the amount of memory it has and they simply trust that it has enough to accommodate all of the things they store and install on it.  While most modern smartphones do have a good amount of space, if you do things like play games and take a lot of photos and videos, you will want to get some extra memory for your phone.  You will also find that adding some memory can give you a place to store things a bit more securely so that should something happen to your phone, you can pull out the memory card and still have the things that matter to you.

Store Your Photos and Videos in a Safe Place

Smartphones do not last forever and it is inevitable that you will eventually upgrade to a new model at some point in the future.  When you do this, if you did not save your photos and videos on a memory card, you will have lost them all unless you spend hours emailing them to yourself.  If you use a memory card, you can simply remove it and then slide it into your new phone so that all of your memories are now on your new phone for you to share and treasure.

You Will Find That Your Phone Works Better

Just like computers and tablets, once memory is running low on a smartphone, the phone will start to get slower and it will not work as efficiently as it did in the past.  A memory card will give you more space on your phone so that things like games and other apps simply run better and faster than they would if your phone has too little space.


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