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Wireless Solutions Car Charger for Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo Micro USB Phones (Black) - 320288

Wireless Solutions Car Charger for Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo Micro USB Phones (Black) - 320288

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Part Number:320288
Product UPC: 888063705960

Wireless Solutions Car Charger for Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo Micro USB Phones (Black) - 320288

Are you worried about your battery going dead while you drive? This handy cell phone car charger will keep you connected. Don't get caught in your car without a power source for your mobile phone. This charger supplies your phone with power and also charges the phone's battery. Car charger lets you turn your cars cigarette lighter port into a power source, Power up on the go with this mobile charger.Charge your battery while you talk. Boost your cell phone battery in seconds. Stop low battery beep immediately and prevent drop and missed calls due to no battery power.

Compatible with:

  • BlackBerry: 8220 Kickstart 8220 Pearl Flip 8230 Pearl Flip 8520 Curve2 8530 Curve2 8900 8930 9500 Thunder 9520 Storm2 9530 Storm 9550 Storm2 9630 Tour 9650 Bold 9700 Bold 9650 Curve2 8520 Curve2 8530 Storm2 9520 Storm2 9550 Tour 9630
  • HP: Obsidian iPAQ Glisten
  • HTC: ADR6300 Incredible Google Nexus One (CDMA) Google Nexus One (GSM) HD2 Nexus One (CDMA) Nexus One (GSM)
  • Kyocera: Domino M2000 (X-tc) S1310 X-tc (M2000)
  • LG: AN230 AX155 AX265 Rumor 2 AX300 AX585 Rhythm AX830 Glimmer AX840 Tritan Accolade VX5600 Ally VS740 Arena GT950 Bliss UX700 CF360 CF750 Secret CT810 Incite Chocolate Touch VX8575 Clout VX8370 Cosmos VN250 Expo GW820 Fathom VS750 GR500 Xenon GR700 Vu Plus GT950 Arena GW820 Expo Helix UX310 LG100 LG700 LG830 Spyder LN240 LN510 Rumor Touch LW310 HELiX LX265 Rumor2 LX290 Virgin LX370 LX400 Blue LX400 Burgundy LX600 Lotus LX600 Lotus Red LX610 Lotus Elite Lotus Elite LX610 MT375 Mystique UN610 Rumor 2 AX265 Rumor Touch LN510 Tritan AX840 Tritan UX840 UN430 Wine 2 UN610 Mystique UX220 UX265 Banter UX280 Wine UX300 UX310 UX310 Helix UX585 UX700 Bliss UX830 UX840 Tritan VN250 Cosmos VS740 Ally VS750 VS750 Fathom VX11K enV Touch VX5500 VX5600 Accolade VX8360 VX8370 Clout VX8560 Chocolate 3 VX8575 Chocolate Touch VX8610 Decoy VX9100 enV2 VX9600 Versa VX9700 Dare Vu Plus GR700 Wine 2 UN430
  • Microsoft: Kin One Kin Two
  • Motorola: A1600 A45 Eco A455 A455 Rival A555 Calgary A555 Devour DROID A855 Droid Backflip MB300 Barrage V860 Brute i680 Calgary A555 Cliq Cliq XT Cordova W845 Crush W835 Debut i856 Devour DROID A555 Droid A855 Eco A45 Entice W766 Evoke QA4 Halo QA4 Krave ZN4 MB300 Backflip MOTO Z6c World Edition MOTO Z9 MOTOROKR E8 MOTOROKR U9 PICO MOTOSURF A3100 MOTOZINE ZN5 Milestone Moto Q9e Napoleon Moto Q9h QA30 Hint QA4 Evoke QA4 Halo Quantico W845 RAZR2 V8 RAZR2 V9 (GSM) RAZR2 V9m RAZR2 V9x Rival A455 V750 Adventure V860 Barrage V950 Renegade VE20 Vegas VE240 VU30 Rapture Ve440 W766 Entice W835 Crush W845 Cordova W845 Quantico i465 i576 i680 Brute i776 i856 i856 Debut i9 Stature Nextel: i465 i576 i680 Brute i856 i9 Stature
  • Nokia: 1006 1606 2605 Mirage 2705 Shade 3606 3711 6205 6350 7205 7705 N85 N97 Shade 2705
  • Palm: Pixi (CDMA) Pixi Plus Pre Pre Plus TREO 800w TREO Pro
  • PCD: Incredible ADR6300
  • Samsung: Ace II SPH-I350 BeHold II SGH-T939 Caliber SCH-R850 Code SCH-I220 Crunch Exclaim SPH-M550 Flight Freeform SCH-R350 Houdini SGH-T939 Instinct HD SPH-M850 Instinct Q Intrepid SPH-I350 Ace II Messager II SCH-R560 Moment Omnia II SCH-I920 Reality SCH-U820 Reclaim SPH-M560 SCH-I200 SCH-I220 Code SCH-I920 Omnia II SCH-R100 SCH-R330 Stride SCH-R350 Freeform SCH-R460 MyShot II SCH-R470 TwoStep SCH-R560 Messager II SCH-R850 Caliber SCH-U320 SCH-U820 Reality SGH-A687 SGH-A797 SGH-T939 BeHold II SGH-T939 Houdini SPH-I350 Ace II SPH-I350 Ace II Intrepid SPH-M220 SPH-M240 SPH-M320 SPH-M330 SPH-M540 Rant SPH-M550 Exclaim SPH-M560 Reclaim SPH-M630 Highnote SPH-M850 Instinct HD SPH-M900 Stride SCH-R330 Strive
  • Sanyo: Incognito SCP-6760 KATANA Eclipse SCP-2500 S1 SCP-2700 SCP-3800 KATANA LX SCP-3810 SCP-6750 Eclipse SCP-6760 Incognito
  • Treo: 800w

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