1. Wow Drops, 0.338 Ounce

Wow Drops, 0.338 Ounce

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The World's Most Powerful. Super Concentrated. Lick-A-Drop. Used for Bad Breath, Colds, Cough, and Sore Throats. All Natural. One Tiny Drop is All it Takes. WOW Drops is great for Hot Tea and Humidifiers during the Cold and Flu Season. in place of an aerosol freshener, for household use, add 10 drops in a water spray bottle. To eliminate odors in your car, simply add 10 drops in the outside air inlet vents at base of windshield you'll be amazed. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS:Peppermint Oil, Chlorophyll,Wow Drops are made with real peppermint leaves - an all natural ingredient.HOW TO USE WOW DROPS:Drop one tiny drop on the tongue, and then take a few deep breaths for an energizing sensation.