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Earth Day with Eco Friendly Samsung

Posted by Sam Weiss on 4/22/2013
Earth Day is the day we take care of our Planet. Earth Day is the time of the year where we are reminded that we need to take care of planet… that we need to do something to make Earth a better place. Recycling an old Cellular phone and acquiring a new but recycled and environment friendly phone is a good way to care for the Earth in long-term way.

Over the top Mouse Concepts

Posted by Sam Weiss on 4/19/2013
All about the mouse we can’t live without. The mouse was invented way back in the 60s and was later patented on November 17, 1970, by Douglas Englebart. It was originally referred as the “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System.” The first mouse was first used with the Xerox Alto computer system in 1973 but was much more successful on the Apple Lisa computer. And so, the credit went to Apple as the first widely used mouse. The early mouse looked like a box with a button on the right corner (literally). Nowadays, the mouse has evolved to fit comfortably in our palms; here are a few mouse concepts

Re-using old phones

Posted by Sam Weiss on 4/11/2013
What use is there for an old phone? We like new things, because they’re better and improved. Every month new cell phone models are being introduced to the market and previous models are considered to be “out of date, and they’re all just lying around the house. They can still be of use though;

Phone Trivia: Firsts of Firsts

Posted by Sam Weiss on 4/5/2013
First phone to have internet access was the Nokia 7110 which was released on October 1999. The Nokia 7110 dual band GSM 900/1800 media phone was the first to bring internet content worldwide. The first Camera Phone was first created by Phillipe Kahn in 1997 by inserting a point, shoot and share camera into a Motorola Startac. And the first photo taken was his first born child. But the first commercially released camera phone was from Japan, the J-SH04 by J-Phone.