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iLimb Revolution

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/20/2013
Modern Prosthetics is at its current finest. Modern technology has now entered the world of prosthetics and its contribution is very promising. First there was the I-limb Ultra that helped people with no hands to “imitate the true movement and lifelike accuracy of a human hand”. The incredible I-limb Ultra has indeed met its expectations and has helped in many people in various ways.

Tips and Tricke: Read reviews before buying

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/18/2013
Before we go buying new phones or new tablets, how sure are we that we’ll love it and that we won’t be wasting our money purchasing the wrong item? Fortunately internet has all kinds of people, like critics and bloggers, that way we can consult on their reviews and of a certain product before buying them. Aside from reviews, they also publish latest news and other articles. Checking out the products full specifications and reviews of technology geeks we can avoid making a shopping mistake and be satisfied, so here’s a list of some best blog reviews site out there;

ASUS: Smaller and Cheaper Windows 8 tablets

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/11/2013
Asus chief Jerry Shen told the Wall Street Journal on Monday “we’re very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year” As confirmed on Friday, Amazon briefly published a listing for an 8.1-in Acer Iconia tablet (“Acer Computer W3-810-1600 8.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet (Silver)”) For $379.99.

Fastest Processors

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/5/2013
Who wouldn’t you choose a faster processor from a slow one; the better quad-core processor used the better service it provides. A GHz is the abbreviation for a gigahertz, a rate of frequencies that operates at one billion cycles per second. A computer with a 1.6 GHz can execute 1.6 billion cycles every second. This is an indication of how fast and powerful a computer is, since having more GHz means the computer can perform tasks faster.