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Camera Apps

Posted by Sam Weiss on 8/31/2013
Taking pictures isn’t enough for us, that’s why there are camera apps available for both iPhone and Android devices. More features means more fun, and our camera can never have enough features. Application’s features range from distorting your face to inserting aliens in photos to freak your friends out. The list of camera apps keeps growing and they just keep getting better, and here’s a list of the best camera apps;

A couple of apps for couples

Posted by Sam Weiss on 8/15/2013
Are you in a relationship? …Or about to start one? Did you know that there are apps for couples? Of course, there will always be an app for everything. There are applications to help keep your relationship fun and lasting, like private messaging, fun games, calendar to keep important dates and tips.

Driving and Texting: Fatal Combination

Posted by Sam Weiss on 8/1/2013
Can’t stop the urge to text while driving? -We are probably reminded of this in almost every way possible... via family and friends, along the road, advertisements, movies and so much more. It’s in the back of our heads when we’re driving and we hear that message and get the urge to reply back.