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Installing Dash Mounts and Car Kits in Your Vehicle

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 9/28/2015

cell-car-bracket-mount.pngDo we really need to tell you how unsafe it is to use your cell phone while driving? No, of course we don’t. However, we all have the need to conduct important phone conversations while driving, but taking our hands from the wheel to retrieve a ringing cell phone, or hold a cell phone during a conversation is asking for trouble. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have Bluetooth as a feature in your vehicle, you can still take those calls and manage your device safely by mounting it in a secure cell phone dash mount, or car kit with cradle. Follow these tips to ensure you install your dash mount, or car kit correctly.


Ten Smartphone Apps for Dog Lovers

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 9/21/2015
Dog-Apps.jpgThey are loveable, loyal and our best friends…yes, we’re talking about our fur kids, our wonderful dogs. There are tons of fantastic apps for your smartphone designed with dog lovers in mind (sorry cat lovers, we are focusing on the pups on this one!), but we narrowed it down to the top ten best. Read on to learn about apps that help you keep an eye on your dog's health, find a puppy in need of a home, train your pet and more!

Does My Teenager Need an Extra Cell Phone Charger?

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 9/14/2015

Chargers.jpg"When I first bought my child a cell phone," one cell phone customer said, "I expected to be able to reach him anytime, anywhere. After all, what's the point of paying for a cell phone if I can't use it to get in touch with my kid?" Well, we know the answer!


Should You Buy Your Child A Cellphone?

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 9/8/2015
How-old-child-cell-phone.jpgChildren today are constantly on the go, running here and there and never stopping. And, we all know their ability with technology is unparalleled. Children can be found playing with Mom and Dad's mobile devices from the time they are able to move their fingers! When is the time we decide to "give in" and purchase our kid their own cell phone? Parents might feel leery of getting their particular child a cell phone because of their age, their maturity, peer pressure/etc. If they do get the phone, they will want to make sure the phone is not only safe for the child, but also a wise investment. Deciding to get a phone is a tough decision, but it will help to consider the following situations.