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iGRIP Apple iPhone 3G, 3G-S Holder- 24891

iGRIP Apple iPhone 3G, 3G-S Holder- 24891

Part Number:24891
Product UPC: 4000444214960
iGRIP Apple iPhone 3G/ 3G-S cell phone holder for iGRIP mounts fits All iGRIP mounts.
  • Apple iPhone 3G/ 3G-S Rock Solid cell phone holder: mates with the iGRIP series of suction cup mounts.
  • iGRIP is German engineered for stable mounting of your cell phone in very visible locations such as the windshield or smooth dashboard. Stay safe!
  • iGRIP video shows just how steady it holds a video cell phone on rough snowy roads.
  • If you want complete stabilization in the car, try iGRIP iPhone 3G/ 3GS holder with any iGRIP mount.
  • 3M adhesive tape is also included if you want to attach this gripping holder directly to a smooth dashboard.
  • Fantastic iGRIP warranty of 5 years, repair or replacement applies.

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