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iLimb Revolution

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/20/2013
Modern Prosthetics is at its current finest. Modern technology has now entered the world of prosthetics and its contribution is very promising. First there was the I-limb Ultra that helped people with no hands to “imitate the true movement and lifelike accuracy of a human hand”. The incredible I-limb Ultra has indeed met its expectations and has helped in many people in various ways. In the past most prosthetics only had a very few features that limited the users in movement and actions to get by in daily living. With the invention of the I-limb Ultra, those who use it have been given different options to perform daily routines in a more efficient manner. I-limb Ultra contains five individually powered and articulating fingers. I-limb Ultra has a thumb that can rotate in and out manually to allow for different gripping options for the user. Control of the hand is proportional to the amount of input signal (the stronger the input signal, the faster the fingers will move) and thus the patient must learn to control his or her muscle inputs. A pulsing control will allow the patient to increase the grip force at selected fingers which will correlate with the Vari-grip feature which will allow the grasp force to vary at each digit. There are 13 automatic hand features programmed into the I-limb Ultra, and those are:  Index point  Lateral grip  Natural hand position  Two thumb parking modes  Four precision pinch options  Four tripod options And with the I-limb Ultra Revolution comes a new installment to the series of I-limb Ultra. This new upgrade has all the same qualities that the I-limb Ultra has with of course additional upgrades. With the I-limb ultra revolution, the prosthesis now offers more dexterity and moves more like a natural hand than any other powered prosthetic hands. Each finger can now bend at the natural joints so that it can with accuracy adapt to fit around the shape of the item or object the patient want to grasp. In addition to all that upgrade on the I-limb Ultra Revolution, the British Firm Touch Bionic has now developed an app that can give the patient or user to choose from 24 grip patterns that best suit the user or patients needs. I-limb Ultra Revolution with all its glory comes at a staggering but fair price of $100,000, in a form of hope… SOME insurance(s) might be able to cover it. Sources: http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/11/touch-bionics-ilimb-ultra-revolution-hand/ http://news.yahoo.com/app-lets-amputees-program-own-bionic-hands-170816955.html http://www.touchbionics.com/products/active-prostheses/i-limb-ultra-revolution/ http://atwiki.assistivetech.net/index.php/I-limb_Ultra

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